Advice and assistance when getting established in Denmark 

Aage Maagensen is a regional accounting firm on Lolland-Falster,  
located close to Germany and the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. 

International and Danish network 

Aage Maagensen is a member of Kreston International, an international and Danish network  
of accounting and audit firms. 

We can therefore assist you with advice about international issues while also covering all of Denmark. 

Read more at www.kreston.dk and www.kreston.com  


Would you like to establish a company on Lolland-Falster? 

We have an experienced team of consultants that can assist you with establishing companies and posting employees in Denmark – for example in relation to the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link. 

You can get help making contact with the local authorities.  

In many cases, it will be an advantage if a Danish-speaking person assists with making connections between the customer’s requirements and the authorities’ regulatory requirements and rules. 

Our geographical location and local network allow us to assist you when contacting local authorities, banks, companies, etc. 

We also cooperate with German accounting firms, which means we can also help with cross-border commerce. 


We can assist with: 

  • Applications for civil 
  • registration numbers and tax cards 
  • Employer registration 
  • Double taxation issues 
  • Export 
  • The establishment of companies and branches 
  • Company cars 
  • Setting up bank accounts 
  • Setting up NemID (the Danish digital signature) 
  • The reporting of taxes and VAT in Denmark 
  • E-commerce 
  • Property investments 
  • The acquisition and selling of companies 
  • Payroll for employees 
  • Salary and social security 
  • VAT issues, including cross-border VAT 
  • Registration of companies and assignment of CVR numbers 
  • Accounts and financial reporting 
  • Preparation of tax return 
  • Preparation of preliminary tax assessments 
  • Selecting company location and premises 
  • Selecting the appropriate type of company 
  • Selecting the corporate structure 
  • Financial advice and analyses